In 1974 I wrote a paper to be presented at The Royal Institution of Naval Architechs (RINA) on the Spring Meetings 1974. The name of the paper was ”Transport Capacity and Economics of Container Ships from a Production Theory Point of View”. This was a part of my Ph.D. theses and the paper was later published in the Journal of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, April 1975. This is one of the most prestigious institutions in the world regarding shipping and ship design.


One day I read an abstract of an article which looked very interesting because it was in the same field of research as mine.


The articel was written by Nicholas Caracostas, and the article  ”Containership Economics for Effective Decision-Making Analysis” was published in Marine Technology, Vol 16, No. 4, Oct 1979, pp 353-364. Marine Technology is a well known journal in USA in its field.


Nearly the whole article was a copy of mine and there were no references to my work. This is a complete plagiarism. Many years have gone, but still I have hard feelings towards an act like that.



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